Djokovic Remains in Limbo Even After Included in the Australian Open

Image source: BBC.

World number one tennis player Novak Djokovic is still uncertain about his future in the upcoming Australian Open tennis tournament. This is because the immigration minister of Australia is still considering deporting him.

Earlier, he was denied a visa by the Australian government. But a court overturned that decision and allowed him to stay in Australia. The fiasco started when the Victoria government approved his visa application despite Djokovic not disclosing his vaccination status. But the government decided to give him special permission to participate in the tournament.

Judge Says Djokovic Can Stay in Australia

Upon his arrival in Australia, the government didn’t approve his visa application. He then spent some nights in the detention hotel. That caused protests in both Australia and his own country, Serbia.

As the Australian Open authorities included Djokovic’s name in the official players’ list, he will compete in the tournament as a defending champion. Also, Djokovic will likely move to the court if the government deports him again. However, if something unexpected happens to him in the middle of the tournament, he might need to go to Serbia.

Earlier, Djokovic was in trouble as he said the Authorities didn’t visit any country in the last 14 days in a questionnaire asked by the Australian immigration department. But he lied to them. So now the immigration department is considering that as well.

Subsequently, the Spanish government also started an investigation as Djokovic visited that country. There were strict regulations in Spain for the people coming from Serbia. Djokovic visited these countries when he tested positive for COVID-19.

Djokovic’s future in this upcoming Australian Open is still unsure. However, as a defending champion and hoping to be the most Grand Slam winner, this is crucial for him.

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