Disney+ Reveals Details for Upcoming Korean Drama Originals

Disney+ Hotstar will present the latest Korean series for viewers in the Asia Pacific this year. The Walt Disney Company announced the latest Korean content with various genres on Friday, March 4.


The Korean originals include Big Mouth, a thriller series, Soundtrack #1, a romantic musical drama, Crazy Love, a comedy-drama with a romantic story, and The Zone: Survival Mission, a game show where celebrities are challenged to find their way out of the escape room.


The new content line is part of Disney+ Hotstar’s list of Korean content in 2022 and there will be more than 20 new titles, including 12 original content.


“We can’t wait to announce a collection of curated Korean content that we believe will captivate audiences around the world,” said Jessica Kam-Engle, Head of Content and Development, The Walt Disney Company APAC.

“Our focus is always to deliver quality storytelling and to present stories that have an emotional and cultural impact. We work with the best and most imaginative creators in the Asia Pacific as long-term creative partners to produce their content alongside the best stories in the world.” Jessica added.


More details on the four latest Disney+ Korean series are below.


1. Big Mouth

When a low-class lawyer is forced to tackle a murder case in an attempt to change his life, he becomes entangled in a complicated conspiracy that threatens his career and life. Starring Lee Jong Suk and Lim Yoona, Big Mouth is written by Haram, in collaboration with Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon, and directed by Oh Choong Hwan.


2. Soundtrack #1

A songwriter named Eunsoo invites his best friend to stay with him for two weeks to help him write a song lyric about unrequited love. Viewers will be captivated by the story of Eunsoo and Sunwoo who have to live a relationship full of dilemmas between friendship and love while writing songs and figuring out what will happen to their friendship. Directed by Kim Hee Won, Soundtrack #1 also stars Han So Hee as songwriter Eunsoo who is still starting a career, and Park Hyung Sik as Sunwoo, Eunsoo’s best friend.


3. The Zone: Survival Mission

The Zone: Survival Mission features Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, and Yuri of Girls’ Generation. The show takes guests into thematic virtual rooms and areas, where they are challenged to face the unexpected and survive the challenge to become winners. Produced by Cho Hyo Jin, The Zone: Survival Mission will be an exciting adventure for the audience and participants alike.


4. Crazy Love

When a genius CEO Noh Go Jin begins to receive death threats from an unknown person, he devises a plan to track down the mysterious figure. Lee Shin A, his secretary who has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness, plans to take revenge for the bad treatment she received from the company she works for. Filled with surprises, this romantic comedy-drama stars Kim Jae Wook as Noh Go Jin and Krystal Jung with a story written by Kim Bo Kyum.

Another series that has been announced to be coming soon to Disney+ Hotstar is Moving, an action hero-thriller series based on the webtoon story by Kang Full about three teenagers who explore their superpowers. King of Savvy, starring Choi Min Sik, in his first appearance on television in 24 years, Sohn Seok Gu, Lee Dong Hwi, and two Squid Game actors, Heo Sung Tae and Kim Joo Ryoung.

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