Disney Announces Princess and The Pea Musical: Penelope

Disney has announced a new musical comedy in the works based on the classic Danish fairy tale The Princess and The Pea by Hans Christian Andersen according to Deadline. The script will be written by Robert Sudduth, notable for his works such as the NBC hit Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Sudduth is also working on Grease: The Rise Of The Pink Ladies, a Paramount+  a prequel to the 1978 hit film Grease starring Olivia Newton- John and John Travolta. Will Gluck will also be producing the film under his Olive Bridge banner.

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Other than the project being a twist on the beloved Andersen classic, many details of the film is still kept under wraps. It is currently unknown if the musical will be a live-action or an animated feature.

Despite being one of Andersen’s more notable stories, the Princess and the Pea has seldom been adapted to the silver screen. The tale’s most notable adaptation is the Broadway musical Once Upon A Mattress (1959) starring Carol Burnett, later adapted for TV starring Tracy Ullman in 2005 with The Wonderful World of Disney.

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Hans Christian Andersen’s works have previously been adapted by Disney and were met with outstanding success, such as 1989’s The Little Mermaid and more recently the hugely popular Frozen franchise, inspired by The Snow Queen.

The Princess and The Pea is the story of a prince who wishes to wed but has difficulty finding a suitable bride as he wishes to find a true princess. On one stormy night, a girl appears at his castle seeking shelter while claiming to be a real princess. The prince is doubtful due to her shabby appearance, and his mother suggests a series of tests to determine if her claims of being a true princess are indeed true. She is given a bed of twenty mattresses to sleep on, however a small pea is placed under the mattresses to test her sensitivity as a true princess. When morning comes, the girl reveals that she was kept awake by the pea under the mattress, thus passing the test and marries the prince who has found his one true love.

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