Discourse on Inequality by Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Rousseau’s A Discourse on Inequality demonstrates how civilization’s expansion has tainted man’s natural enjoyment through freedom, created by artificial inequalities of power, social privilege, and money. The assumption was based on the primitivity of a man who was thought to be on par with his peers.


Rousseau saw society as an organization made up of the most sophisticated, intelligent, and influential men in the community. These males were thought to have an unfair advantage over the lesser men. Set regulations determined the community’s constitution, resulting in imbalances that defined the state of justice and harmony.


The document to read is another way to independence because it discusses and exhibits additional facts about the Haitian Revolution during the French Revolution. The text is intriguing since it describes how it works. The fundamental goal of Discourse is to uncover the foundations of inequality between men and to decide whether or not this disparity is permitted by natural law.


Rousseau exemplifies modern morality, defined by debates and agreements linked to or unrelated to man’s fundamental nature. Rousseau investigates the natural law through the necessary considerations determining modern man’s and society’s production.


An imaginary state of nature, Rousseau defines as the condition of a state of development through defined reasoning. His arguments discard the biblical view that explains development and creation. Rousseau examines the man’s mental and physical characteristics and eventually compares him to other animals since they can be motivated by the principle of self-preservation and pity.


The inequity that is considered natural when it comes to physical inequalities between men defines the clarity of Discourse. Nature is subjected to rules and unreasonable moral inequalities in modern society, inequality can describe the process of evolution in human growth. Rousseau’s demonstration of a determinedly unpleasant state hints at men’s improvement.


The income level can indicate modern supremacy, forcing persons to consider accepting their social progress. As a result, defined societal growth leads to increased living standards for men and society as a whole. This text is a large read but worth looking at if philosophical.

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