Dexter : Being Forensic Also Murderer

Dexter (2006-2013)

Dexter Morgan, a man with homicidal propensities, lives a twofold life. He works as a forensic professional for the police office amid the day and slaughters heinous culprits in his free time.

Creator : James Manos Jr
Genre : Psychological Thriller, Crime Drama, Mystery

Here are some aspect that “Dexter” is worth to watching :

1. The Story

Based on Jeff Lindsay novel ‘Darkly Dreaming Dexter’, it follows Dexter Morgan, a man who lives a double life. Dexter works as a blood splatter forensic at the Miami Metro homicide department during the day and hunts criminals at night. He is really, really good with both his jobs. His expertise is simply unrivaled.

2. Murderer With a Code

At the age of 3, Dexter witnessed a terrible event when his mother was brutally murdered in front of him & his brother. Since then, Dexter channels his blood lust into vigilantism. Dexter only hunts & kills criminals who slips through the criminal justice system. Punishing those who truly deserves it.

3. Laughable Co Workers

The best part here is Dexter’s friendly, fun, entertaining co-workers in the Miami Metro Police. It includes a Japanese lab partner Masuka that is obsessed with sex, Batista a friendly Latin officer with his sombrero, and Debra his tomboy sister who works alongside him.

4. The Sister, Debra Morgan

Debra Morgan is the foster sister to Dexter Morgan. She is not a serial killer, she is a police officer that is clean, determined, and ambitious. She leads her team well, and she often connects the missing dots. Debra doesn’t know Dexter’s life as a serial killer. Her bond with Dexter is superb, they are always there for one another.

5. No Time For Family

His police work requires him to be standby at all times, and at night Dexter prefers to hunt down criminals. See how Dexter manages his time, running from here & there to fulfill his obligations. It is a tough task. Especially how his enemies see this as Dexter’s weakness.

6. The Villains

Aside from Dexter’s friends, The writing for the villains is magnificent. Each new season is filled with killers that disguises themselves, and their personal lives are totally interesting to follow. Such great actors too.

7. Beautiful Miami City

Everything is set on a comfy Miami city with its sunny weather & beautiful palm trees. Even The Miami Metro Police building itself is located just outside the dock. The series utilizes this by taking you everywhere in Miami, with plenty of road trips, boat trips, beach side walks, swimming, praying. It is such a nice city.

8. Superb Opening Music

The opening theme is beautifully composed by Roife Kent, rarely skipped it because it’s too good. Each scene’s music is also greatly crafted by Daniel Licht with his emotional, eerie music. Such a quality, addictive music.

Dexter has everything it needs to be labelled as a quality series. With wide range of characters, storyline, humor, tense, all at once. When we speak of thriller, it is often compared to Hannibal, but after watching both I can say that Dexter is the clear winner.

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