Destroying the Mind

It the importance of knowing that one condition, known as schizophrenia, has many forms of damage to the brain that one can not imagine in nature. It is a harmful condition that affects the mind at an early stage of life that is usually diagnosed at the age of 20-24 during one’s young adulthood.


Because of this condition for many, it is tough to grasp the everyday form of life and keep up with tasks that are meant to follow.


What does it do to the mind?



It takes away from the sense of reality which is commonly referred to as chemical imbalance. Also, because of the frustrating effects of the condition, it enrages the mind where one will constantly live in anger towards society and mainly create a paranoid effect with the way one would usually think.


Due to the fact of this is a serious condition, many are institutionalized for life and have no choice but to succumb to this condition and deal with the after effects in life.


Others, manage through this condition with minimal to somewhat indefinite care with their families, who need to be supervised constantly, but for the minimum, many have lived on to do great things in their lives.


Some symptoms include Hearing Voices, Paranoia, Severe Anger, Mood Swings, Cold Feelings, and Touching– as if someone is touching from a distance.


These symptoms go a long way to affect the mind and create a  delusional response for them, which is hard for them to cope with and gives the patient a traumatic experience in life usually stemming from previous traumatic experiences.


However, many forms of well-nurturing medication help absolve half of the effects of schizophrenia and manage the condition for some patients to cope with.


For more information, please visit your local government website and type in: Disabilities– Schizophrenia.


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