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Desserts That Can Pass As Snacks

Desserts don’t always have to be eaten after a meal, some dishes you can have at any time of day, For all of you that have a sweet tooth, you’ll absolutely love these delicacies. They can absolutely pass as snacks because of their sizes and even though they’re desserts, the sweetness isn’t overwhelming and you’ll definitely have a hard time stopping at one piece.


Eclair (source : Pinterest).

A choux pastry stuffed with cream and capped with melted chocolate is known as an éclair. Eclairs appear to be more intricate and hard to prepare than they are.  The soft and light choux pastry is incredibly flexible and easy to handle. Eclairs, especially homemade ones, are a wonderful experience, but the payoff is a delectable bite of crisp pastry overflowing with creamy vanilla custard goodness.

Fruit Tartlet

Fruit Tartlet (source : Pinterest).

A classic fresh fruit tart is one of the most delectable desserts. A creamy custard mixture is encased in a brittle sweet pastry crust, which is adorned with a variety of exquisite fruits. You’ll enjoy the combination of texture and delicate flavor.

Sandwich Cookies

Sandwich Cookie (source : Pinterest).

A sandwich cookie is a kind of cookie created from two thin or larger cookies with a filling in the middle, which can be any cookie of your choice. Cream, ganache, buttercream, chocolate, cream cheese, jam, peanut butter, lemon curd, or ice cream are some of the fillings applied.


Beignet (source : Pinterest).

Beignets are rectangular shape portions of dough that are usually fried and heavily covered with powdered sugar, honey, and maybe even jam. They are soft, pillowy, vanilla-scented French doughnuts. They’re ideally served hot, with a cup of coffee or café au lait on the side.

Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream (source : Pinterest).

The sweet rice dough that encases your ice cream of choice is known as mochi. It has a wonderful bouncy feel and is only mildly sweet, which helps to level off the sweetness of your favorite ice cream. It’s a fun way of eating actually.

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