Delicious Rice Dishes You Have To Try

To Asians and no matter what type of Asian you are, rice is life. You haven’t had a meal if you didn’t eat rice. But of course, rice is for everyone and in many cultures, you can find traditional meals that have rice as its main component. Here are a few of those dishes.

Thai Pineapple Rice
Pineapple Fried Rice. (source: kawalingpinoy)

Pineapple Fried Rice is a Thai dish that is well-known all over the world.  Jasmine rice, vibrant vegetables, and sweet, succulent pineapple slices are all combined in a savoury, mildly sweet Thai fried rice sauce.

Bibimbap. (source: Pinterest)

Bibimbap is a Korean rice dish that is also known as bi bim bap. The phrase “bibim” refers to the act of mixing rice, whereas the noun “bap” refers to rice. Bibimbap is a bowl of steaming white rice topped with namul (kimchi) and gochujang or doenjang (fermented soybean paste), as well as a few sautéed and seasoned veggies and minced meat.

Paella. (source: Quora)

Paella is a rice dish from Valencia, Spain. Although it is widely regarded as Spain’s national cuisine by non-Spaniards; Spanish people nearly uniformly regard it as a Valencian dish. Paella, on the other hand; is regarded as one of distinctive symbols of Valencia. Rice, saffron, chicken, and veggies are the key ingredients in every paella recipe. Ingredients range based on the style of paella and the region in which it is prepared.

Nasi Uduk
Nasi Uduk. (source: Quora)

Nasi uduk, or steamed rice with coconut milk, is an Indonesian delicacy from Java. In nasi Uduk; lemongrass, cloves, pandan leaves, and cinnamon are cooked with rice alongside coconut milk. Nasi Uduk clearly translates as “Mixed Rice,” as it is frequently served with fried chicken; omelette; sambal goreng/kering tempe; fried tofu or tempe; fried dried anchovies; fresh cucumber; and then garnished with fried shallots with a side of peanut sauce; sambal terasi; and emping crackers.

Tahdig. (source: Pinterest)

In Persian, tahdig (pronounced tah-deeg) clearly translates “bottom of the pot.” It’s a wonderful, pan-fried Persian rice that’s fluffy on the inside with a beautiful golden crust at the bottom of the pot. It has a lovely flavour of saffron; and is frequently flavouring it too with orange essence.

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