Def. (GOT7’s JAY B) EP “Love.” Tops The Charts (+JAY B’s Hilarious Self-interview)

Def. has finally released his first official EP ‘Love’.

It is as amazing as one would expect. That’s not all! It has successfully number 1 on the iTunes charts of over 40 countries!

The EP also debuted straight at #1 on the worldwide and European iTunes album charts. This makes him the second K-Pop male act to top both charts this year alongside his fellow GOT7 mate, BamBam.

This success is despite the fact that “Love” barely had pre-promotion. JAY B only made a few Instagram posts. This shows the fans’ endless support for his solo career, as both JAY B and Def.

We all know that JAY B is a man of many talents but also names. Releasing music as Def., JAY B went to radio shows to promote Def.’s album. JAY B, himself, hosts a radio show.

So yes, he interviewed himself.

It is as chaotic as it sounds.

However, since JAY B is a good host, that meant he would be able to ask himself good questions. He asked on Def.’s growth as an artist. Being an indie artist, however, Def. only had boring answers.

To make matters even more chaotic, Lim Jaebeom (JAY B & Def.’s real name), called the radio.

GOT7 fans had a good laugh that night because of Jaebeom but also received good music from Def.

WATCH the music video of Def.’s ‘SUNSET WITH YOU’ here:

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