Dead by Daylight Dating Sim Leaked

Rumor has it that Behavior Interactive is making a dating simulator spinoff for the characters in Dead by Daylight.

Recently, a leak got out on Twitter, revealing a trademark from Behavior of a new file called Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim. The document came out in mid-February, and no other information came out on it. However, the title is pretty obvious, and I don’t think it’s a tease because I don’t know of any who asked for a Dead by Daylight dating sim.

If and when it’s released, it should do pretty well, right? People love the game for its monsters and gameplay. Unfortunately, since there’s not many details on it, we don’t know if players will date the original survivors like Meg Thomas and Dwight Fairfield or the monsters like the Huntress and many more. Hey, maybe you’ll play as either or and date the other.

“Behavior Interactive trademarked title – ‘Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim’. (via r/LeaksAndRumors),” DBDLeaks posted on Twitter.

Like I said, the game should do well when it releases. Even though there are some gripes about the game’s mechanics, those problems most likely won’t be in the dating simulator. To explain the gameplay, one player plays as a killer and tries to stop four survivors from escaping. The killer, which is an assortment of original and established monsters like Ghostface, puts the survivors on hooks while they start up generators to open doors.

The game had its ups and downs, being really popular at first to now getting a lot of players back, but it has earned itself a cult following. It’s even getting more DLC, the latest being The Onryo a.k.a. Sadako Yamamura from The Ring. I’m curious whether it’ll just be the game’s original killers, or if they’ll include DLC too.

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