De Tomaso P900 is an Italian, Lightweight Unicorn of a V12 Hypercar


The newest bank-breaking hypercar is Italian, and it’s not coming from any of the mainstream brands; it’s De Tomaso breaking their silence with the P900, a V12 track-built speedster that almost looks too stunning to be real.




A 900 horsepower, German bespoke 6.2-liter V12 capable of revving up to 12,300 RPM sits in the back, paired to an XTrac sequential transmission which sends it to the rear wheels. It’s a step up from their previous model, the P72, a concept that debuted at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, which had a Roush-supercharged Ford 5.0 Coyote V8, paired to a six-speed manual. De Tomaso claims that it’ll be the lightest and shortest V12 in existence, but that engine is still in development and is only ready by 2024, and if you’re an impatient billionaire, you can acquire yourself one with a Judd V10. Nothing wrong with Judd’s engines for they have proven themselves in hundreds of racecars, but you might as well wait.



There isn’t any info of the P900’s torque and performance figures as of yet, but the marque’s sole focus on “creating longevity for the naturally aspirated, soulful, internal combustion engines” allow it to run on synthetic fuels. And in times where rushed electrification of the industry is ever more relevant, it’s a great strategy; costly perhaps, but you’ll be guaranteed more enthusiasm from gearheads than making it electric.

Deviously Curvy and Lightweight



There’s more to its name than just numbers; with a carbon-fiber chassis and a carbon body, the brand targets a dry weight of only 900 kilos, which means that it’ll have a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio – only when no one’s inside and there isn’t any fuel. But we suppose those carbon-neutral synthetic fuels should be lighter than normal, so it’s all calculated. German company Capricorn, whom the marque has previously collaborated with, is also contributing on the aerodynamics and the engine, having built a factory near the Nürburgring to build the P72.



The track-only Speed Racer-esque car boasts absurd, landspeeder-like intakes that also cools the brakes, encapsulating its bubble/dome cockpit that also features bullet-shaped wing mirrors. The wide front splitter has two sets of large “canards”, and the back completes the look with its abstract diffuser and equally-stylish set of turbine-like tail lights near the exhaust ports. The active rear wing also has its own angular brake lights. No images of the interior have been released, but going by their targeted weight, expect minimal luxuries.



All of that madness totals to $3 million, and only 18 of them will be built. Given its restriction to the tracks (which it probably won’t traverse outside of Goodwood, of which is also wishful thinking), expect De Tomaso’s wildest creation yet to be an absolute unicorn; quite a fitting term for what it is now and when it goes on sale.



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