Daytime Shooting Star!


Genre :

Shoujo, Romance, Slice of life


The story commenced when the female lead, Suzume Yosano, decided to leave her home in a rural area and live in the capital. However, little did she know that the ways in the capital were so complicated, so she got lost as a result. In the meantime, she met the male lead, Satsuki Shishio, who later helped and carried her all the way to her uncle’s house.


The relationship between the two started ever since. However, on the next day, it was revealed that the so-called male lead was her homeroom teacher! Unfortunately, she unknowingly started to have feelings for him and she could not stop it. How would she face Satsuki-san while hiding her feelings?


Reviews :

Truthfully speaking, the artist’s line art and the way she drew it made it so that this manga came out really successfully beautiful and unique! Unlike any other types of shoujo mangas, this manga possesses great character developments, especially Shishio and Suzume!


The characters’ design is unexpectedly so deep and logical. Although the plot moves a little bit slowly, it is not too boring. The author has shown the very detailed school life through the female lead’s perspective which can make the adult readers feel nostalgic. It can remind us of our school life in the past.


Moreover, the supporting character, Daiki Mamura, who fell in love with Suzume is quite interesting as well. This character can capture the reader’s heart because he is so shy and cute while trying to make the female lead fall for him.

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