Davina India Designs Avant-Garde 3D Fashion.


Welcome to the world of fashion, art, and 3D.


Get ready to transform with this designer’s stunning work! Featuring an arsenal of futuristic and colorful pieces, Davina India marries ethereal patterns and aesthetics with a futuristic feel in her clothing. Her designs are perfect for any style maven looking to add some edge to their tailor with a little bit of science fiction thrown in for good measure.


Knowing that life is an adventure, the artist’s 3D fashion lets you take a piece of that adventure with you wherever you go. Her collection of avant-garde fashion is created to make anyone feel like a superhero. The constructed designs are the next step in fashion and look like something out of a video game, but instead, they’re right here on earth. From dresses to masks and even shoes, this designer has made it all.



Davina’s work has become so well-known that she has made appearances on multiple social media platforms and is even collaborating with other famous personalities such as  @lillianliuphotography on Instagram.


Each piece is created with a futuristic vision, bringing together art and fashion. While her designs are intricate, detailed, and complex – it leaves room for personalization and uniqueness like no other designer before her. With each piece including a hard edge that blends into soft curves, it creates an interesting fusion of shapes and forms fitting to those who wish to wear it.


3D modeling is a way of creating garments that are impossible to make in real life. Who doesn’t dream about a dress with built-in wings? Davina’s fashion collection was the first step on a journey into exploring the possibilities of 3D print technology and new ways of using it. The collection is about helping people think outside the box, offering beautiful pieces that combine art and fashion, allowing them to push the boundaries and explore their imagination without being restricted by budgets or resources.


Check out her latest creations in different colors and designs:


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