Dating Rules in the 21st Century


Dating can be terrifying for everybody, especially in the age of tinder, E-harmony, and other online dating platforms.


This article guides the modern data environment for both men and women looking for a partner, hook up, or other outcomes.


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Dating platforms and understanding them

For women, online dating is a buyers’ market for the woman due to the majority of dating apps being dominated by men giving women far more selectivity when choosing a potential partner. 


If you are a man, women choose you are on based social status, economic status, and other superficial and practical reasons when selecting a partner.


Most women on dating choose their partner based on their height of 6 feet, with the average size being 5.9 feet in the UK and USA.


This is due to not realizing that when doing the settings for the partner a male or female is looking for, it goes for your selection.


If you choose Chinese, you will get Chinese; if you want someone 6 feet tall, you will only get somebody 6 feet tall.


When it comes to dating, I would say there are two categories: hookup dating apps like Tinder, an app promoting casual sex. This is the wrong kind of app if you are looking for a genuine relationship based on commitment.


The other kind of dating app is E-Harmony; this dating website promotes love and relationships. Its marketing strategy is based on its algorithm that matches people by personality and interests.


Comparing these two dating websites and dating apps provides a great contrast in what you are hopefully looking for in a relationship.


When selecting a dating website, it is first strongly recommended that before purchasing the services and features of dating sites, you do your research to see whether or not those websites meet your needs because there are sites that cater to different personal needs and agents. 

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