Dates For Less

Dates For Less

I often find that my boyfriend and I spend a lot of money on dates, especially when we’re in the city. Whether it’s things like a fancy dinner or going to any number of local amusement spots, I often find that I would prefer doing something simple that, at MOST, might involve paying only for gas. If you are of a like mind, here are some of the ways I have seen suggested that you and your significant other can spend time together whilst thinking less about the expense and more about simply enjoying each other’s company:

Go for a hike somewhere new-  Find a trail you’ve never been on; travel along with it and see what wonders of nature you can find.
Go for a walk through the city- Simply wandering around the city’s streets and checking out places you have never explored before can bring some unique surprises.
Downtown scenery. (source: Pinterest).
Take a drive in the country and enjoy the beautiful back roads- like a hike, look for natural wonders; enjoy a view of the world that can’t be seen from the main road.
Scenery of greenery hill. (source: iStockphoto).
Cook dinner together- This labor of love can give you restaurant-quality dishes for a fraction of the price; you can also add your own unique flair.
Couples cooking together. (source: lifestyleguide).
Build a fort and watch movies- this one can also apply to playing video games together; simply build your fortress of solitude and engage in some healthy competition or teamwork.
Two person building a cinema fort. (source: iStockphoto).
Visit your local farmer’s market- Have a nice walk together, discover local producers, and get a week’s shopping done all at once!
Scenery of a market. (source: kumparan).
Decorate your house- Whether you and your significant other live together, you can certainly help each other create a space unique to your own selves.
Sample of an Apartment. (source : onthemarket).

There are many more ideas to try; the possibilities are endless. All that matters is doing the things with the one you love.

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