Cute Sanrio Stationeries That Everyone Needs

For Sanrio and stationery lovers, DUCKY WORLD has the cutest Sanrio stationery and decoration collection that you should definitely check out!


For photocard collectors, an array of adorable Sanrio photocard stationaries are available to show off your photo cards!


Sanrio characters that are available include Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, Pochaco, Pom Pom Purin, Hangyo-dong, Corocorokuririn, and more!


Retro Collect Book / Photocard Album

These Sanrio Retro Collect Books are a must with the adorable designs to store your beloved photocards! The Collect Books have 20 sheets and fit 40 photocards in total.


Price: 5,000 Won


Keyring Photocard Holder

Bring your photocards everywhere you go by placing them in these cute Sanrio Photocard Holders that have a keyring for you to attach to your bag as a charm!


Price: 3,000 Won


Deco Stickers

These deco stickers are versatile, where you can decorate pretty much anything with these Sanrio stickers and make anything cute. Decorate your photo cards or journaling diary with these character stickers!


Price: 1,000 Won



Accessorize your look with these small Sanrio wallets that are easy to carry and made of waterproof material. The wallets even have a hole so you can attach a charm to them to personalize your look!


Price: 3,000 Won


Photocard Frame

Make your photocards even cuter by adding these Sanrio Photocard Frames! Simply put your photocard in the Sanrio frame and display them on your desk or any other space!


Price: 4,000 Won


Which one is your favorite? 

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