Cross field House Production


Hello all, I have the privilege of talking to you today about a tremendous company in the entertainment industry in Toronto, Ontario, which has made headlines throughout the city and has won prestigious awards revolving around their very creative and respective films.


The company itself: Crossfield House Productions.


A venture that came out in 2016, founded by a gentleman by the name of Troy Crossfield, who has put together a strong foundation on what he says is built on “Faith and Excellence”. His partners are incredibly intelligent, and wonderful writers/ producers, who share his passion for entertaining. Presenting their hard, dedicated work through production, who specialize in film, theatre, and music.


As I have read on their website, they are committed to a very special cause of helping the youth across the communities of Toronto.


The production aspect stems on three pillars- “Story telling through engaging content, creating memorable experiences, and empowering the community”.


Troy himself, is a well-established figure in Toronto’s entertainment industry for over 10 years. From what I read about him, he is a mentor for many in the community. Troy also organizes a seasonal toy drive during Christmas time, and is an instructor at Carlton University teaching Gender Society & Arts. I find him to be a figured role model for aspiring artists, who can really shed life on a balanced schedule, between a real-life job, and your formal hobby of music, and acting.


Sheronna Osbourne is the Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of the company. Her role fits in as an Actress, writer, producer, and director. Her resume speaks for itself as she is well-accomplished, with a barre of award-winning compositions. She hosts a podcast you can catch called “Behind the Stage” while also serving as a mentor to the Ada Slaight Youth Arts Mentorship Program in Toronto.


Her commitment to her career as observed, has demonstrated fine dedication towards a successful figure who is a prominent member in the community, serving to help educate and support.


Crossfield House Production’s new short film, “Silence Of The Land”, is currently playing on their IGTV @crossfieldhouseproductions and you may find many more.


I had the privilege to interview a staff member of the company, with these questions.


“As a production company, what in your opinion is the most effective way of presenting oneself to the public?”


“First, thank you for taking the time to interview us, Kuljit, we really appreciate it.”


“We would say that the best way is to always remember your brand. Who are you and what do you represent? People will come to know you by how you make them feel with the work that you produce. Stay true to yourself, your brand, and your vision.”


Where do you usually get your inspiration from as to giving back to the community?


“Our inspiration comes from many places. It’s from talking to our families and friends. It’s also from the vision we have for Crossfield House Productions and where we see it going in the future. Are we leaving a blueprint for others to follow? Are we helping to create wealth in the community? Are working with people to build their own companies and legacies. What opportunities are we providing for youth?  It is very important to us that giving back to the community is not just a monetary action.”


And what advice would you give to our engaging youth who would like to perform before an audience to test their limit?


“Do it. Do it afraid, do it unsure, just do it. That’s how you learn and you will figure it out along the way. And don’t stop. You may need to pivot, but your end goal should stay the same (as long as it reflects what you still want to do). Also, study. Be open to learning at every opportunity and seek out feedback from your peers and those that have done it before you.”



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