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Cozy games have become a popular genre of video games in the last few years. While the world asks too much of us, cozy games allow a calming escape; and game devs have stepped in to pick up that burden. More and more games are branching out into new genres for a different type of gamer than ever before, and the players who want to be encouraged to curl up in bed or front of the fire are happier than ever.


With the release of the Nintendo Switch, cozy games have become especially important, and Indie games in particular are getting their time to shine. So here’s a small list of cozy games to look forward to.


Official Paralives Logo Revealed | The Paralives Hub


An exciting new option for fans of the Sims4, Paralives is an open world, life sim with stunning graphics. Currently promising full customization to build the house of your dreams, the ability to create personalized characters, and scope for unique playthroughs, the world of Paralives is your oyster. Already there is a bustling community for this game, and updates are frequently shared by the team behind the game. There is no release date as of yet, but it is set to be a very well-received and beloved addition to the Steam store.


Harmony's Odyssey (Switch eShop) Game Profile | News, Reviews, Videos & Screenshots

Harmony’s Odyssey

A cute 3D puzzle adventure game set in a fun mesh of a fantasy world and the modern world; you solve bright puzzles to put things right after a naughty cat has caused havoc through the seven playable worlds. With fun puzzles, a good soundtrack, and mythological based characters, Harmony’s Odyssey look set to become a favorite in the cozy gaming community. The release date on steam states that it will be dropped ‘when the Owl growls.’


Mineko's Night Market on Steam

Mineko’s Night Market

Narrative-based Mineko’s Night Market allows you to explore the island of Mt Fugu through the four seasons as you befriend the residents, complete puzzles, and go on quests in your new mysterious home. With exploration and crafting looking to both be large elements of this Japanese-inspired, cat-heavy game, this is set to be an exciting addition to any season.


A Little to the Left (App 1629520) · SteamDB

A Little to the Left

A relaxing puzzle game that sees you pile, sort, and clean a multitude of items into order throughout the game. With more than 75 levels, simple controls, and multiple ways to solve each puzzle, A Little to the Left is an easy-going game that lets you wind down and relax after a hard day; just watch out for the mischievous cat. While waiting for the game to be released in August of this year, why not try out the demo available now.


Mail Time on Steam

Mail Time

With a sweet, cozy art style, in this autumnal toned game, you play as a mail delivery person. The cottage core inspiration in this game is easy to see, and the large mushroom hat the character wears is just one example of what you can look forward to in Mail Time. Jump, glide, and run through a serene forest to deliver the mail to a fun set of residences. There are 15 to meet and help, all with an eclectic character design. This peaceful game is set to be released in Q4 of this year.

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