Cowboy Bebop Live Action Canceled After One Season

Cowboy Bebop got Canned.

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop live action has been canceled. Sadly, another adaptation to hit the dust.

Netflix canceled the show less than three weeks after the first season. Both fans and critics bombed the show with negativity. Audiences give it a 54 percent on Rotten Tomatoes while critics give it a 46.

Once it got canceled, many people on Twitter joked about how it wouldn’t last. Meanwhile, the actors felt sad about the cancellation. John Cho posted a gif saying “I’m Okay,” and fans encouraged the actor.

Some people complain about the actors, but most agree that the problems lies in the writing itself. The interpretation was wrong, bad character development, and the pacing was off. The plot also wasn’t the tightest out there. However, the biggest complaint I found was on the character Vicious.

Apparently, Vicious was better in the anime. People say that their representation was off in the live action. In the anime, they were terrifying, like Jaws. You saw them every now and again, but that one appearance would send chills down your spin.

I never seen Cowboy Bebop in anime or live action form. However, I want to believe that it had some things going for it. While most people seemed to hate it, there were others who found it enjoyable. Though, I have another reason for wanting to believe in it.

That’s because the One Piece live action is next, and it’s also on Netflix. On top of that, it was made at the same studio or location at Cowboy Bebop. I’m tired of all the hate that live actions get. I’m ready to see a good one that becomes the exception. I want the One Piece live action to succeed and give us something to love.

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