Covid Surges Again in China, With Lockdowns, Hotspots, and Millions Stranded

People in new COVID neighborhoods are concerned about Shanghai-style long-term lockdowns, which might affect their careers, basic freedoms, and mental health.

Beijing: Xi’s Zero-Covid strategy has failed miserably as new places become infected with coronavirus, particularly tourist hotspots in Tibet and Hainan. Tens of thousands of visitors are trapped in the areas as a result of the rapid implementation of lockdowns.

Coronavirus infections are expanding to new places in China, even as previously afflicted sites continue to be hotspots. Despite limits on public mobility, which resulted in job losses and significant mental harassment, the Zero-Covid policy was ineffective. According to Asian Lite International, the coronavirus illness is spreading to new parts of China, rendering individuals defenseless.

Tens of thousands of visitors are being trapped as a result of the rapid implementation of lockdowns. In early 2021, China was the first to proclaim that the country was free of Covid-19.

Tibet had recorded just one asymptomatic case since the Covid-19 epidemic began in China and spread like wildfire over the world. Tibet discovered 28 new Covid patients a few days ago, causing widespread fear. Chinese authorities are now constructing temporary hospitals with nearly 3,000 beds.

People in new COVID neighborhoods are concerned about long-term lockdowns a la Shanghai, which might affect their careers, fundamental freedoms, and mental health. Those confined to the COVID center did not receive beds or blankets, and those who remained at home struggled to obtain food and medicine.

Even children, even babies, were removed from their parents. People in China voiced their concerns on social media, resulting in a public backlash against Xi’s Zero-Covid policy.

“I absolutely don’t want my children to live in a society where the government can just come to your home and do anything they want,” Jiang, 30, said.

The government has shut down bars, restaurants, and shopping centers in newly affected areas, and has begun halting rail and aviation services.

According to the Zero-Covid policy, it is very likely that food stores will be closed down. This has caused havoc in Hainan and Tibet, with visitors stuck at airports.

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