On Wednesday, March 23, the UK held a commemoration to honor the lives lost to coronavirus in the two-year pandemic. The Prime Minister has issued a stay-at-home order since taking control and imposed a blockade on the country from March 23, 2020.


In this blockade, any public building, green areas, or place of “non-essential work” was closed for three months, and Covid restrictions were lifted until early 2022. Taking advantage of the easing of regulations and the reestablishment of public activities, people gathered in reflection to honor each of the lives lost to the disease. With nearly 164,000 deaths from Covid, the second-highest number in Europe.


At this commemoration, relatives of the deceased tied yellow ribbons on Westminster Bridge, next to the Houses of Parliament. They did so there because it is close to a memorial wall for the victims of the virus adorned with hand-painted hearts.


At noon they all observed a minute’s silence together, and at 8 pm, they turned on lights from their windows.


Johnson said, “The people lost to COVID will never leave our hearts and minds, and today we reflect as a nation.”


Even he was hospitalized for the disease during the early months of the pandemic, in April 2020, he was confronted with Covid and was under medical care. Everyone paid tribute to the bereavement counselors, charity workers and friends and family, and the victims.


Some say the British government failed to take adequate safety measures. Due to pressure from relatives, Johnson held an inquiry into the handling of the pandemic. Which will lead to hearings possibly next week.

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