Covid-19 in Canada


In Canada, the number of cases of covid people continues to decline. Currently, 551 people are in hospitals infected. And 182 are in Intensive Care. Unlike Friday when 182 people were reported to be hospitalized with the disease and 185 in ICU.


The total number of new cases registered on Sunday is 1,680. And three deaths have been registered. 90.8% of children over 12 years of age have been fully vaccinated. And 92% have already received at least one dose.


A total of 31,969,794 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered throughout the province. 58% of the province’s residents over 18 years of age have already received their booster dose against the virus.


The total number of deaths from the virus is 37,169. And the number of cases in the province since the beginning of the pandemic, so far, is 3,395,017.


Due to the reduction in cases and deaths, the government will continue with the plan to remove masks beginning Monday. Vaccine Hunters Canada will also stop providing vaccines in the country. The organization said they are humbled by what they have done and say they are no longer needed. That a large part of the population already has their vaccines and those who don’t can get them easily.


The organization has been collaborating since 2021 for Canadians to receive their vaccines. They even received praise from the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. One of the volunteers in the organization described everyone’s work at the beginning as a “beacon of hope.”

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