Covid-19 Cases in Indonesia februari 2022

Cases in Indonesia, February 2022 Soared by 36,057, These are Omicron Symptoms in 5 Levels.

Train Station situation in Indonesia’s still packed even after a sharp rise on Omicron’s variant of COVOD-19 cases. © Reuters / Ajeng Dinar.

Covid-19 Cases in Indonesia ,The addition of the number of positive cases of Covid-19, 2022 shot up to over 30,000 after the discovery of the Omicron variant. Symptoms of Covid-19 Omicron vary based on the level or degree of severity.

Recognizing the symptoms of each severity of Covid-19 Omicron is important to prevent people from flocking to hospitals. The reason is, not everyone who is positive for Covid-19 Omicron requires hospital treatment.

The Covid-19 Task Force on Sunday 6 February 2022 recorded an additional 36,057 new cases of corona. This brings the total to 4,516,480 Covid-19 cases in Indonesia as of February 6, 2022.

Meanwhile, the number of recovered cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia as of February 6, 2022 increased by 10,569 people to 4,183,027 people.

The number of active Covid-19 cases in Indonesia reached 188,899 cases as of February 6, 2022, an increase of 25,431 cases compared to the previous day.

Characteristics of Covid-19 omicron Variant

Photo Of A health worker conducts a swab test for the new coronavirus at a train station in Bekasi on the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia. December 5, 2020. © CNBC Indonesia.

Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Vaccination of the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, stated that the omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus has the characteristics of a very fast transmission rate when compared to the Alpha, Betha, and Delta variants. However, when viewed from the milder symptoms and the cure rate is also very high.

The saturation l above 95% there is no need to worry.

So that patients who are test positive for COVID-19 Omicron without symptoms or mild symptoms; are advised to self-isolate (Isoman) at home. For Isoman patients, as long as the saturation is above 95% and above, there is no need to worry. If there are symptoms of Covid-19 Omicron such as cough, flu, fever, immediately consult via telemedicine or the local health center.

A body wrapped in plastic is unloaded from a refrigerated truck; by medical workers wearing personal protective equipment due to COVID-19 concerns. March 31, 2020, at a hospital in New York. © VOA news.

Prevention and Control of COVID-19

Critical, namely Covid-19 patients with symptoms of respiratory failure, infectious complications, or multiorgan failure.

“Seeing the increasing number of Omicron cases, the public remains vigilant, not to let their guard down” said Nadia.

How to handle Omicron Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms

The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) has appealed to Omicron Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms; to self-isolate (isoman) or centralized isolation (isoter). Self-isolation is not recommended for the elderly or the elderly, but is only allowed for patients aged less than 45 years and who do not have comorbidities.

Omicron positive COVID-19 patients who perform isoman can access drugs or vitamins for free through the telemedicine service provided by the Ministry of Health, through the

Omicron positive COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms will be given 10 tablets of multivitamins. There are  C, B, E and zinc, favirapir 200 mg 40 capsules or molnupiravir 200 mg 40 tabs, and paracetamol 500 mg tablets (if needed).

Crowd situated in Indonesia while at COVID-19 rise. © / Pius Erlangga.

What we have to do in self-isolation mode

When doing isoman; patients must be able to conducting their daily activities in a separate rooms, separate bathrooms by other residents; and contact the puskesmas or local task force for monitoring. In addition, patients on isolation should be able to access a pulse oximetry; or oximetry to determine oxygen saturation in the body.

One of the things to watch out for when conducting self-isolation is shortness of breath. If it keeps getting worse, quickly referred them to the nearest health facility.

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