Friday, January 28, 2022

COVID-19: 31,772 other coronavirus cases and 26 deaths recorded in the UK.

A further 31,772 COVID-19 cases and 26 deaths have been stated across the UK in the past 24 hours.

The figures were released on Sunday, against 32,367 cases and 34 deaths the day before, just below the cases recorded on Friday, when the highest number of infections was recorded since January 22.

COVID cases in the last week have risen a little more than 27% from the previous week, while deaths have increased by two-thirds.

Another 93,763 people received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine in the UK on Saturday, bringing the total to 45,881,721, 87.1% of the adult population.

An aggregate of 211,446 people received their second vaccine, which means that 34,764,511 (66% of adults) are now fully vaccinated.

The sum of hospital admissions has doubled (56.6%) in the last week for which data are available, with 563 people admitted to the hospital on July 6 and 3,081 in the week to this date.

The latest data come eight days before most of the restrictions in England are due to be lifted, as part of the fourth stage of the lifting of the lockdown, although the conclusion will be made on Monday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this week that the UK would have to learn to live with the virus, praising the successful launch of the vaccine and saying that most people admitted to the hospital were not vaccinated.

But the scientists urged ministers to reconsider the plans because they described the removal of the restrictions as a dangerous and unethical experiment.


Ifeoluwa Adeniji
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