Countries Unite for Ukraine


Due to recent developments between Russia and Ukraine, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a meeting to discuss World War II and its similarity to the Russian war against Ukraine.


The UK has been one of the largest contributors to the cause, with total donations amounting to around 400 million pounds. With the “Prime Minister’s six-point plan” they seek to raise much more and overthrow Putin.


That led them to decide to unite against the aggression of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trudeau expressed his joy to help Ukraine along with the United Kingdom. The two will have to meet with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, as he is likely to join them in the move. The call is to discuss proposals to stop Putin, as well as create a barrier to protect Ukraine, which will begin in the UK. Ukrainians have suffered thousands of deaths, and finally, the fire has stopped. But they are still under Russia’s control.


The three countries (Canada, the UK, and the Netherlands) are known as The International Support Group for Ukraine and are considering implementing resistance with non-lethal equipment, such as weapons, including anti-tank, rocket launchers, and grenades.


Despite wanting to help Ukraine, Trudeau says an all-out war with Russia must be avoided. To which NATO agreed, they refused to implement aerial explosions as that would lead to a direct war with Russia.


Trudeau, Boris, and Rutte are looking for solutions and planning a strategy suitable for all.

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