Costa Rica’s Paradise: Tortuga Island


One of the beautiful islands near Costa Rica is known as Tortuga Island, which is in the Nicoya Peninsula. Tourists can reach it by boat or catamarans arranged by tour guides. Depending on the season, during the boat ride, you could have the opportunity to see dolphins or other marine animals. In addition, you will get entertainment and services on the boat, including snacks and beverages.


Tortuga Island Cruises From San José 2022 - Puntarenas

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As the tours are planned, visitors have the option of scheduling beach activities. Some of these activities include snorkeling, banana boat rides, sand ball games, and kayaking. The island has umbrellas and chairs that you can book for comfort. The lunch varies depending on the tour taken, but there is always a delicious meal waiting for the tourists to devour.
For snorkeling, the visitors must get the boat again, which will take them to a reef not far from the island. Fish of all colors and sizes can be seen there. Although snorkeling equipment is usually available for visitors, they can bring their own. Adventurous, energetic tourists can hit the island’s trails, to admire the preserved nature, including a variety of birds, spider monkeys, and iguanas, among others.


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Departing in the morning and returning in the afternoon, although the return time could change on the same day. Costa Rica’s weather tends to be unpredictable but it rains every day between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. This beautiful island with green vegetation, white sand with flowing turquoise water is one of the most visited spots in Costa Rica.


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