Copywriting VS Content Writing: 3 Main Differences


1. The Purpose

  • Content writing – the purpose of content writing is to create a sale. For example a webinar event, a talk-show script, writing an ad copy, etc.
  • Copywriting – Whereas, a copywriter writes for the sake of creating engagement. As such writing on social media, be it writing captions or writing for videos, creating blog posts, etc.

2. The Direction

  • Content writing – It is one-directional, it’s strategic and linear. Here we have intentional writing and we write for people to take an action. In other words, CTA or call to action is highly found in content writing. As in the approach here is to make a sale.
  • Copywriting – This doesn’t have to go one-directional, it’s multi-directional. It usually addresses a lot of people/scenarios in it. Additionally, the use of slang words as such btw, gtg, and omg, are found, as it is the copywriter’s job is to create/increase engagement. For this you’ve to be conversational not so formal.

3. The Goal

  • Content writing – A content writer has to have an increase in the conversion rates, an increase in revenue means you’re going well. Else, you may have to check on your writing.
  • Copywriting – The sole purpose of copywriters is to create engagement. They’ve to build up a brand identity. Make sure people or their audience trusts them and their work. If you succeed in doing so, my friend you aced it.



  • In many cases, one has to perform both roles, a copywriter and content writer. However, there’s no pressure, it’s up to you. Take a moment and think deeply what interests you. Are you good at persuading people or do you possess good graphical and conversational skills?

In other words, whatever category you lye, remember to take one at a time.


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