Conventions Away! – What To Remember

Conventions, especially those with a large turnout, can be perplexing.  There are a lot of things to remember when you are planning to go to a fan convention.


Here are some of the most important:



Before you go, there’s a lot to plan. Do your research beforehand, as much as possible. Plan out your weekend as much as you can; in other words, know before you go. A good tactic for this is to follow the convention on social media to make sure you get the latest updates.



Make sure you know how much you need in terms of travel costs; also look into what would be the best mode of transportation to get to where you need to go.


Hotels & Transportation

When considering where to stay, keep in mind not just cost, but proximity to the convention location as well as the safety of the area; that factor can affect what method of transportation you use to get to the convention.



Make sure you have your tickets before you go!!



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Be strategic and prioritize your time

If you did your prep work right, you know the things that you are going to want to check out; once you get to the convention location, take stock, and figure out the best way to prioritize and go about doing what you want to do.


Take a lap before buying anything

Walk around and check things out; don’t be impulsive. Taking the first look can help you prioritize further and figure out whether you want to spend money on something.


Head to Panels Early

If you are going to any panels, make sure that you line up to access them ahead of time you can; this can guarantee you more comfort in terms of where you are placed to take in the panel.


Finish Cosplays ahead of time

This is important- costumes can get claustrophobic and sweaty and wearing them can get overwhelming. Give yourself a set period in which to wear your costumes; after that is over, take time to switch over to a more comfortable outfit so that you can keep enjoying yourself.

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Make Time for Breaks

You are your number one priority; if you need to take a step back, do it! Find a quiet place to sit down and recharge your energy so that you can enjoy everything to the fullest.


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