Comforting K-POP Songs

We all have days where we just want to crawl in bed and listen to sad melodies. Even if you are not having a bad day and would like to hear some songs that eases the heart, we got some really good ones for you! 


This song is probably known to be one of the best songs that bring consolation. Seventeen once performed this in the Golden Disc Awards and all of the audience, including some idols, were really listening to the lyrics. 

“No matter how much you hide it / You know you can’t hide it forever / So we can smile together / Don’t be sorry, don’t worry / Don’t be scared, now don’t cry / To me you are very precious / You can tell me today was tough / I am here, you suffered a lot / I love you / I will hug you.” 

Downpour by I.O.I 아이오아이 (I.O.I) – 소나기 (DOWNPOUR) MV

Downpour is quite sad since it’s a ‘disbandment’ song but the melody and lyrics are very nice to listen to when you need encouragement. 

“It’s just a passing downpour / It’s how I feel / After I met you / I haven’t lost the happy memories to the rain / When the rain stops / Let’s meet again / We will smile again and be together.” 

Tomorrow, Today by JJ Project JJ Project “Tomorrow, Today(내일, 오늘)” M/V

Scared of the unsure future? This song is all about that. With the indie band influences, JJ Project gives us one of the best songs to tell us that it is okay to look in the past and be afraid of the future.

“Why are you telling me to choose / When I only have my eyes half-open? / Somebody let me know, tell me which way to go / Cuz I don’t, don’t, don’t know.”

Love Poem by IU [IU] ‘Love poem’ Live Clip

IU herself explained the lyrics and said that she wrote the song as a comfort to those going through hard times. 

“I’ll be there, behind you who walks alone / Singing till the end, this song will be endless / Listen carefully just for a second / I will sing for you who walk long nights than most.” 

HOLO by Lee Hi 이하이 (LEE HI) – 홀로 (HOLO) Official Music Video (ENG/CHN)

A very emotional song about bouncing back from sadness and to finally start taking care of ourselves? Yes please. Lee Hi gives us a perfect song for days where we just want to dwell on our sadness. 

“Not gonna cry anymore, gonna break out / And gonna take more care of myself.” 

That’s Okay by D.O [STATION 3] D.O. 디오 ‘괜찮아도 괜찮아 (That’s okay)’ MV

Another well-known song that will give you the longest, warmest hug after a bad day. 

“All the unspoken worries / All the deeply paved scars / Time always passes at the same speed / It will wash it all away just like always / So you can just go with the flow, it’s alright, it’s alright.” 

Hurt Road by Day6 아픈 길 hurt road

Day6 makes bangers that might just be the perfect end to your bad day. Just listen and pay attention to these lyrics. 

“If I were you / I would hug myself without a word / If you were me / You would cry in my embrace / You knew and I knew / That this is not an easy road / It’s not that you and I didn’t know / That not many flowers bloom on this road.” 

End of a Day by Jonghyun JONGHYUN 종현 ‘하루의 끝 (End of a day)’ MV

Jonghyun has made some of the best songs that feel like the warmest hugs and this is one of them. He reassures you that you have done a great job today. 

“Your small shoulders, your small hands / Become my cozy blanket at the end of a tiring day / You did a good job today, you worked so hard.”


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