Cold Brew Coffee: Lower Caffeine and Sweeter!

Coffee has become part of our lifestyle, even become an essential part of our daily life. It seems, for some people, it’s strange if you don’t drink coffee a day. Coffee is not only a necessity but also a trend, especially among the younger generation. Drinking coffee is a “mood booster” for youngsters.

Cold brew coffee is becoming a favourite among coffee drinkers. Cold coffee is the right choice to drink during the day. Cold brew is a technique of “brewing” black coffee grounds with cold water (or room temperature water) for approximately 12-24 hours to get the optimal taste.

Cold brew coffee is not as simple as iced coffee. That’s what makes cold brew more concentrated and delicious. With this type of concentrate, cold brew coffee tends to be thicker with a 1:5 ratio between coffee and water and a longer extraction time. In contrast to the brewing time of coffee with hot water, which only lasts 2-4 minutes per serving.

Cold brew coffee contains 50-67% less acidity than regular brewed coffee. Cold brew coffee has a lower acidity due to the long soaking process. With a long soaking time in cold water, it produces coffee that is more beneficial and better for health.

Cold brew coffee also has lower caffeine than black coffee brewed with hot water. One cup of black coffee mixed with hot water contains about 62 milligrams of caffeine, while caffeine in cold brew coffee concentrates is generally only around 40 milligrams.

Cold brew coffee tends to have a sweeter taste. It happens because of the long soaking process and the temperature of the water used. This can reduce the added sugar or other sweeteners in the coffee and make the coffee healthier!

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