Coffee and Allergies

Students, please be aware that changes are being made to the Common Ground and Balcony, which will introduce new food options for students with health conditions and offer a greater variety of great foods; please be warned that there may be dangers.

Please ask the barista if any of the ingredients will make you ill. Please stay safe and enjoy the experience of interacting with people using traditional communication methods (this is talking) for people born after 2000.

Food and drinks

The new meals and drinks will be more focused on allergens and food intolerances such as gluten, lactose, and nut allergies, but please don’t worry if you love the meat and nuts in your meal; they will still be available at the Common Ground and Balcony.

The goal of the University of Leeds and the Student Union is to make meals that are more inclusive for all their students, from vegans to carnivores (meat lovers), as well as students that are practicing Teetotalism.

It has also been found that recent research has shown that young adults aged under 24 in the UK are less likely to drink alcohol. 

17% of males and 22% of females in the UK in this age group are teetotal.

Finally, for all students, if you have any allergies, please ask the members of staff serving food for your health and mental well-being.

The goal of the University Union is that you are all safe and enjoy your time at the Common Ground Balcony.

Here is the information related to Common Ground and the Balcony.  

Opening Time: Monday to Friday 8 am-5 pm, Saturday and Sunday are closed.

Drinks are available here: link

Current Menus: Food menu link and Drinks menu link

Allergen information for Common Ground and Balcony link one and link two. 

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