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Folklores are stories told from one generation to another. Each country has its own unique folklore such as Indonesia with its Nyai Roro Kidul and Banshee from Irish. Those are two of famous folklore we mostly heard when we’re visiting the corresponding countries.

Folklore are told to mostly children to accompany their nights before they’re going to sleep. Sometime the story might appear in their dreams. Some might be nightmares and the rest might be a nice dream. On the other hand, have you seen and read some of folklore characters which adapted into comic? If you haven’t read and heard yet, Cryptid Club might attract your comic digest and here are whys.


1. Unique Style

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Drawn by one of famous comic artists on Internet, you might recognize with the unique style who that would be. Yes, Sarah Andersen, the comic artist who created Fangs and Adulthood is a myth. She is working on the Cryptid Club as well.

You can recognize Sarah’s cute style on the comic. In addition, there might be some talented comic artists as well creating the story based on folklore. The characters on the comic are well drawn and you even cannot help but waiting for other episode to be released.


2. The Characters Are Based on Some of Folklore

(Club Cryptid: Instagram)

Folklore is where, what and how the stories are inspired. Our children might forget about the folklore we have ever known and heard, so turning it into comic might recount them some of the forgotten story. children and grown-up might be interested to explore more when it’s visualized with cute and amazing style.


3. The Stories Are Funny & Relatable(Club Cryptid: Instagram)

(Club Cryptid: Instagram)

Some of the episodes are based on experiences. Some of them could elicit your laughter because everyone definitely experienced them and so perhaps you too. One of the examples could be when some artists showed their arts publicly especially on the internet, there might be a time when someone appeared and wanted to be drawn or asked to draw something, isn’t it relatable. The other episodes might tell you about how The Cryptids live every day.

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