CLC Sorn Leaves Cube Entertainment and Group

Chonnasorn Sajakul, also known as Sorn, is a Korean singer who originated from Thailand. She entered the Korean Idol industry through a competition called K-pop Star Hunt in 2011. She won the survival show, which resulted in her being a trainee in Cube Entertainment, preparing to be an idol.

Sorn trained for four years before debuting with CLC in 2015. Their debut single, ‘Pepe‘, was well received by the public. CLC is known as a group that busked in the street of Hongdae to raise money for disabled children. In February 2016, Cube Entertainment, CLC’s management, added two new members to the 5-members group.

Sorn, together with CLC, had her first win in the music show four years after she debuted. In 2020, CLC started getting recognition from international listeners, yet this year also became their last group promotion after their new single ‘Helicopter‘. Yujin, one of Sorn’s groupmate in CLC, in Mnet’s Girls Planet 999 interview, said the management told them that CLC would no longer have any activities as a team. Yujin then added that she participated in the survival show despite already debuting because it is her last chance to perform on stage and show her other charms to the fans.

Sorn’s heartful message, posted on her Twitter @sssorn_clc

On November 16th, Cube Entertainment released a notice that Sorn’s exclusive contract with them has expired, and she decided to depart from the company and CLC. Sorn is the second member to leave the group after Elkie, who officially left in February 2021. Sorn also posted a personal message on her social media regarding her departure.

Let’s wish her a new start and a better future!

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