Classic Ice Cream Flavours We All Love

Even though not everyone has a sweet tooth, there’s a certain catch to ice cream, the creaminess and the luxurious feeling of it just makes you do a little dance when you have a scoop and there’s always that one flavour that people go back to when they want something simple and classic. Not just that, ice cream’s guaranteed to lift up your mood.

1. Vanilla

You can never go wrong with vanilla. Creamy, soft, rich, and delicious. Vanilla is your base flavour for other ice cream flavours, in fact not just ice cream but other desserts and baked goods. So why wouldn’t it be delicious on its own?

2. Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint Chocolate Chip flavour is very popular with baby boomers and millennials as it has an elegant taste to it. If you make this flavour ice cream from scratch, use fresh mint leaves, I swear to you that the cold chilly feeling in your mouth is not from the ice cream, but from the leaves. It’s fresh and creamy.

3. Cookies & Cream

When you don’t want to eat just vanilla and want to add a little oomf to it, this is the flavour for you. The crushed cookies in the ice cream give a fun texture and you wouldn’t run out quickly like the other flavours.

4. Salted Caramel

This may be more of a modern flavour, but it’s a mixture of fun and classy. Salted caramel hits the perfect combination of sweet and salty, rich but at the same time so light.

5. Dark Chocolate

The fact that this flavour has a bitter taste to it, explains life itself. Also, people enjoy this flavour because the sweetness is balanced by the bitterness. Dark chocolate ice cream is high in antioxidants, they help drop dangerous cholesterol and commemorate your heart healthy.

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