Citroen’s Limited, Christmas-Edition ‘My Ami Buggy’ Electric Vehicle is Strangely Cute

In the midst of seemingly all models getting limited editions, Citroen’s Ami gets in a festive spirit and is getting its own Christmas edition. It’s not some straight-line monster of an EV, but it’s the ideal, simplified A-to-B transportation made cute.


It’s only been teased, but what we do know is that it packs some “surprises” and the marque will only be selling 1000 of the new “My Ami Buggy,” going on sale in the first quarter of 2023, with deliveries taking place sometime around summer next year. This isn’t exactly new – Citroen made a similar limited Ami in June and it somehow sold out in less than an hour. Surprisingly enough, there is demand for the vehicle, with the brand having sold more than 21,000 units in its two years of production, despite this golf-cart being bare-bones. We are aware that micro electric cars do sell, but the Ami is one that we didn’t expect that level of success.


Portrayed in a snowglobe, it’s much like the first edition, painted in a deep shade of dark matte green, bronze steelies and tubular doors. Though we are not expecting a canvas roof on a car (or quadricycle; if you’re European), it appears to have it as well. No price has been given, but the one in June cost €9,790. And for that, you get a car that sits one or two, if you squeeze in. It’s more spacious than Renault’s Twizy, though, but that’s an entirely different thing. Its electric motor makes an astonishing eight horsepower. Top speed is 45 km/h, and its 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery can be charged with your home’s electrical socket. There isn’t any infotainment system – that’s your phone’s job. Electric windows are not a thing, but it does have hand-operated flip windows. Oh, and a very loud fan, as shown in this video.


It’s a borderline toy, borderline actual vehicle, all too confusing as a christmas present. You won’t be placing (or rather, parking it) under the christmas tree, but it sure makes for a great vehicle to toy around in. Quirky, affordable, and (arguably) adorable. As expected of Citroen.

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