Chrysler’s Limited-Run 300C Sold Out in 12 Hours, Here’s What It Came With

Yet another one of FCA’s successful models leaves the scene; this time much earlier than Dodge’s performance vehicles. Chrysler’s 300 sedan, a model which was surprisingly still on sale, will take its leave with an encore from a familiar Hemi V8.

The second generation 300, which has been on sale for more than a decade, has had the same exact 6.4-liter engine before in its SRT-8 trim, but the 2023 carries slightly more power, with an additional 15 horsepower, totalling to 485 with 644 Nm. The engine isn’t entirely new, as it is the same ones that power SRT trims of Durangos, Grand Cherokees, and Chargers.

With a (claimed) 0-60 of 4.3 seconds, eight-speed auto, and rear wheel drive, it is available in Velvet Red, Bright White and Gloss Black. The blacked-out interior also features Harman Kardon’s sound system, with the logo embedded to the seats. Speaking of logos, it also has the red and blue logo of the original 1950s 300. All for the price of USD $56,595. Interested? Too bad. All 2200 units were sold out in the span of 12 hours.


p class=”MsoNormal”>Many opinions online stated that it should’ve come with the Hellcat motor, taking into consideration how many new models had said engine. Though the Hemi 6.4 is a great motor, it is quite a missed opportunity. Regardless, the motor does fit the character of the sedan much better. The first generation of the 300, which featured retro-styling, was a staple in the hip-hop community and music videos of its time. DUB magazine’s modified example appeared in the cover art of Midnight Club 3, one of Rockstar’s most successful games. The second generation didn’t have a lot of media appearances, but is vividly remembered as one of Walter White’s cars in AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad.


(Images sourced from Stellantis)

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