Choi YENA’s Duality Performing ‘SMILEY’ and ‘LXXK 2 U’

YENA debuted as a solo artist with a mini album ‘SMiLEY’ on January 17.

Her title track ‘SMILEY’ was full of fun, colorful energy. Yena said she wanted to transmit her positive energy through this song, to make people smile no matter their situation. She also has had many idols and famous people do her SMILEY challenge.

Yena’s performance of SMILEY is also very cute as she shows off her innocent charms.

However, one of her B-Sides shows off her darker side. LxxK 2 U has a darker melody and in her performances, even her clothes are more punk rock. Yena becomes a punk rock artist who rocks a pink guitar. The set is even the opposite of SMILEY’s stage.

YENA has always had innocent, cute charms that are adored by everyone around her. It’s refreshing to see an edgy punk rock version of her. YENA is an all-rounder, who can sing, dance, rock a guitar and perform like no other.

Even in a mini album, YENA is capable of showing many sides of her.

SMILEY is also a successful debut, with over 16 million people tuning in to the music video.

We hope to see more of YENA in the future. We also congratulate her for having a successful solo debut!

YENA’s variety show, Girls’ High School Mystery Class Season 2 is currently airing. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Watch the SMILEY music video here:

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