Chinese President Xi Jinping Has Called on Authorities to Immediately Investigate the Cause of the Crash of China Eastern Airlines.



Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked authorities to immediately investigate the cause of China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 that crashed in the hills of a village near the city of Wuzhou, Guangxi, Monday (21/3).


The Boeing 737-800 crashed en route from Kunming to Guangzhou and was carrying a total of 132 people including passengers and 9 crew members.


So far, authorities have confirmed there are no signs of survivors in the incident. Even so, there is no official statement regarding the exact number of victims in the accident.


President Xi said he was shocked to hear of the accident and ordered maximum search and rescue efforts related to the incident, the Xinhua news agency reported.


“President Xi ordered immediate action to be taken to identify the cause of the accident and strengthen the improvement of safety features of the civil aviation sector to ensure the absolute safety of aviation and public safety,” the Xinhua report quoted Xi as saying.


Apart from Xi, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang also spoke about the plane crash. He urged efforts to calm and provide the necessary assistance to the families of the victims of the plane crash.


Li also requested that the team carries out a serious investigation, take strict measures to strengthen the security system, and release accurate information promptly.


According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the China Eastern plane lost contact in Wuzhou city, Guanxi on Monday (21/3). The plane, which had only been operating for 6 years, should have landed in Guangzhou at 15:05 local time.


Meanwhile, from FlightRadar24 data, flight tracking ended at 2:22 p.m. local time, with an altitude of 982 meters and a speed of 376 knots.


Shortly after the accident occurred, the CAAC team was immediately dispatched to the scene. Rescue troops from Guangdong Province, which is close to Guangxi, were also dispatched to help with rescue efforts.


The rescue process became difficult because the MU5735 plane that crashed in the hills had caused forest fires in the area around the incident location.


The MU5735 crash was the deadliest in China’s civil aviation industry since 2010.


Over the past decade, the safety of China’s aviation industry has been among the best in the world. The last accident occurred in 2010.


Source: CNN Indonesia

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