China’s Covid Measures


In China, security measures for Covid were reinforced due to the number of cases. This tightening of restrictions was announced as Shenzhen was considering lifting some of its measures.


This Sunday the country recorded 4053 cases in the province located between North Korea and Russia. The city of Jilin, home to 4.5 million people, will not be able to leave their homes from Monday. The quarantine will last three days for Jilin. Changchun is a Chinese city that has been confined since March 11.


The government announced that it will further restrict people from leaving their homes. For three days, only medical personnel will be allowed to leave. Changchun has 9 million inhabitants, and everyone was allowed to leave once every two days for food.


The authorities of Shenzhen, a city at the gateway to Hong Kong, restricted its 17.5 million inhabitants since last week. However, they lifted some measures these days. Among them, the use of public transport will resume on Monday.


China is the first country to register Covid in 2019. During these years, they had managed to contain the spread of cases but with the Omicron variant, there was an increase in daily cases and even death. After a year without deaths due to Covid, this Sunday the country recorded again two deaths.


Health officials are trying to free up hospital beds in case they are needed with the cases. Jilin even built eight temporary hospitals and emergency quarantine centers, because last week they registered thousands of cases.

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