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Chillax this Friday with OPM

TGIF! Because the weekend is coming. Are you looking for relaxing music to celebrate your break from stressful schoolwork or your job? Or are you just looking for music that is soothing to help you chill and relax?

Why not try listening to some Original Pilipino Music (OPM) then? OPM is always made from the heart of the talented Filipino artists/musicians who make songs with deep meaning behind the lyrics that will definitely touch your heart and soul. So, here is a list of soothing and relaxing OPMs to get you through this Friday.

  1. Leaves – Ben&Ben

Ben&Ben have released songs that are pleasant to the ears. I recommend their songs, especially this one that struck me the most. This song is just perfect for relaxing, with its soft melody added by the soothing voice of the vocalists. You wouldn’t ask for more.

  1. The Day You Said Goodnight – Hale

Champ’s voice, the vocalist of the band Hale, always make me get back to this song. The song is also perfect for relaxing because the instruments played are not loud and just perfectly harmonized with Champ’s singing.

  1. Kathang Isip – Ben&Ben

Perhaps this is perfect for you to relax or to just cry your heart out for the love you thought you would finally have, but it’s all a “kathang isip lang” (imagination).

  1. Kahit Sa Panaginip – December Avenue

This song might be perfect to help you finally get some sleep after spending those sleepless nights thinking about your thesis and where you will find a research instrument validator. At least “kahit sa panaginip” (even just for a dream) you’ll find one.

  1. Tulog Na – Sugarfree

“Tulog Na” means’ sleep in a persuasive way’. Just like “Kahit Sa Panaginip”, this song might be perfect for letting yourself fall asleep while listening to it. How good it is to have someone tell you to “Tulog Na”.

  1. Someday – Leanne & Naara

Cover version of Someday by Nina. I prefer this song because Leanne and Naara’s voices are just so cool to the ears. I can listen to this on loop.

  1. Imahe – Magnus Haven

“Imahe” means ‘image’. This song is perfect for people who like Senti songs like this, or, I guess, for people who have one-sided love.

  1. Midnight Sky – Unique Salonga

Want to fall asleep as soon as you get into your bed? Then listen to this. I have nothing to say.

  1. Ikaw at Ako – Moira Dela Torre, Jason Marvin

“Ikaw at Ako” (You and Me), is a song meant to make you ‘kilig’ (giggle). Listening to Moira is like listening to an angel.

  1. Rainbow – Southborder

Soft music that just by the strum of the guitar will make you feel relaxed and satisfied. Try listening to Rainbow while closing your eyes and you’ll see rainbows in your surroundings.

Perfect for indulging yourself in coffee while listening to this song. Try to CHILL and RELAX this Friday and, for a moment, just forget about your troubles. Here is the Spotify Playlist:



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