Chevrolet Reportedly Planning Corvette Sub-Brand With EVs and SUVs


And you thought the sub-brand and SUV craze was over. Chevy’s iconic Corvette model may split apart to become its own brand and will go electric, but that’s not the worst part – there’s an SUV inbound.


The good news is that nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but that shouldn’t deter you from the fact that it’s highly likely; GM Authority reported that General Motors was considering developing an electric sedan with the Corvette name as a competitor to the likes of Porsche’s Taycan and the Model S in August. GM themselves are already set on going all-electric by 2035, so chances are any new Corvettes in between are likely to go electric, or hybrid. Then again, the mid-engined C8 was already controversial enough, so it’s just more fuel to the fire. Ironic, considering the impending doom.


The First-Ever All-Electric Chevy Equinox EV: Electric SUV


Reports by Car and Driver also mention that the models under the brand will be using the BEV3 platform and the Ultium set of motors and batteries, the same ones riding on GM’s EVs that are on the road. Like other EVs, it promises a line of high-end tech, like four-wheel steering and more efficient inverters, among others. Expect high-density batteries, torque vectoring, brake-by-wire, and other features. All of that will be going into a “coupe-like” sedan model and a crossover, all under the Corvette brand name. The first sounds alright, the second is enough to make some Chevy fans regret poking fun at Ford fans for the Mach-E.


GM Dominasi Daftar Mobil Terlaris AS pada Maret, Corvette Teratas


Is all hope lost? At first glance, maybe. Sure, the practice of using a good name to fill in for other (undesirable) models is almost a common one in today’s automotive industry, but this comes to mind: the money gained from the sales of irrelevant models in the brand could fuel for more things that we love, like a proper Corvette, so it isn’t that bad – assuming this is GM’s strategy, of course. If it isn’t, we’re only digging further to a bleaker age of cars, but that’s to be expected.



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