Chanel’s 22nd Spring/Summer Collection


The Chanel Spring-Summer collection fashion show showcased Chanel’s collection for the upcoming season. It was full of Chanel’s signature classy, preppy materials and style. It used purples, greys, black sequins, and pink for a high-class, expensive look. 


Here are some of my favourite looks from the show and how they can be styled! 


Look 49

Look 49 is a purple and black tweed blazer and skirt. This look is elegant and reminiscent of Chanel’s iconic older pieces! The button-up detailing on the front especially has a nostalgic feeling to it. The purple colour gives a more modern twist, although, in my opinion, the original white and black two-piece is still the most beautiful.


I would pair this with pearl jewellery and white heeled ankle boots to make the purple stand out and give it a light summer feel.



Look 11

Look 11 is an oversized white blazer with glass pearls and diamanté. It has four large pockets and large gold buttons on the front. I think this look is perfect for an evening event or a dinner. The way Chanel accessorised this look was perfect; the long diamond necklace and headband tie in perfectly with the white and glittery undertones in the fabric. 


Black heels would go nicely with this look to tie it together.



Look 71

Look 71 is different from the others and to Chanel’s stereotypical pieces. It’s a multi-coloured sheer halter neck maxi dress, made from muslin and silk. This look is beautiful for the summer with its use of blues and oranges! The black stripes on the dress are reminiscent of butterflies and add to the summery look. This dress is beautiful for holidays and drinking wine as the sunsets.


I would pair this dress with minimalistic jewellery and black heels to tie in with the black stripes.

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