Chainsaw Man Dropped its Latest Trailer!

Chainsaw Man Latest Trailer Drop!

With all of the buzz they generated for the past four years, Chainsaw Man (2018) finally had its anime adaptation. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s biggest hit of the grotesque is now on the waiting list of the anime arrival. With its latest trailer drop now much more focuses on the iconic moments of the series. And as the juxtaposition of the still image and 2D animation, Makima enters the scene.


Centers around young adult that always got the shortest end of the stick; force to face cruel world full of devils, and an unseen force. Denji, paired with his dog shaped devil named Pochita; try to clear his mountain of debt from the yakuza that his father left to him.

Doing their dirty deeds and unspeakable acts. On the point of no return where the yakuza is infested with the devils—he became one himself by having Pochita as his heart in exchange of his life. Denji that made a promises to live a life according only to him, and his friend of a devil, instantly awaken—turning him into a human devil hybrid.
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“it’d be nice if you could have a normal life and die a normal death. Fulfill my dreams for me.” said Denji to Pochita on his last dying breath. And with a pseudo-dream sequence that they both had, Denji awakens and hears “I… liked hearing your dreams Denji. This is a contract. I’ll be your heart. In exchange… Show me more of your dreams.” said Pochita to Denji as their bodies merge together.

And thus begin, the curtain falls for the tragedy, comedy, unfulfillment, and insatiable lust— for life as the newborn Chainsaw Man devil. As Denji cling into his life more and more, the world suddenly opens up to him. Even giving him more chances to experience a little bits of everything. The horrors, the sadness, the pain, even slight momentary lapse of happiness; in this cruel, cruel world.

Anime and Chainsaw Man 2

As of late now, probably we already reach our maximum hype train for both Denji and his Devil Hunter gang of misfits. With the first titular Chainsaw Man is ended in like Shippuden manners. Yet another stage has been set for our hero Denji to debut himself in another saga. Another medium of the writer’s choice if you will. To be animated by MAPPA studio; and JUMP+ for its continued serialization. Both anime and the second part of the manga will be premiering on 2022.

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