Censorship within the American Media


Censorship is the control and regulation of ideas and information that are circulated among individuals within a given society. Each individual has their own views on what they consider offensive. For instance, a certain topic can be offensive to someone, but beneficial to a different person who may want to learn or research more about it.


Censorship in America specifically involves the suppression of speech or public communication, it involves the examination of the radio, books, movies, newspapers, as well as social media such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other media to control the moral and social behavior of individuals. The examination of these media is solely to suppress or alter parts that are thought to be offensive or objectionable.


Looking at censorship, today’s main issue is censorship within the media. The media is one of the most highly effective ways people in today’s society get their major source of information from. Whether it be about politics or celebrities the people find their latest news through the media.


The question this paper will try to solve is just how much censorship lies within America and is it downplayed more than one knows. Media censorship is a narrowed topic of censorship that aims at specifically eradicating all materials that are offensive or obscene from the media. It, therefore, tends to move along with the idea that with censorship the government can shape societies to be morally sound.


Interestingly enough, the ideology presents republicans on one side as lovers of free expression, who are against censorship of any form. Yet, on the other side, Democrats are of the idea that censorship should be applied to regulate information that circulates across the nation.

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