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Celebrate Holiday With These Unique Holiday Foods

Will you celebrate the holiday with these unique holiday foods?


Each country has its own typical food to celebrate the holiday season. Usually, we often see turkey, mashed potatoes, or pie in the holiday for our dinner. Those dishes are commonly we eat in another season too. But, for some countries, typical dishes are only served on holiday and quite uncommon for us. Here are unique holiday foods that may tempt you to try. 


A high-protein food from Russia is usually served on holiday on January 7th. It is high in protein because it is made with pickled herring, boiled egg, and grated vegetables mixed with mayonnaise or a beet dressing. If the grated vegetables are dressed with beet mixture, the top layer will be red-colored, while the middle layer is orange because of the mashed boiled egg, and the lowest layer is white because of the herring meat. Shuba would be a beautiful dish for Russians’ holiday.



It is a sticky rice dish for Philipinos’ breakfast during the holiday season. Bibingka is made with rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, water, and cooked in banana leaves wrapping. Sometimes this sweet-savory dish is garnished with eggs, cheese, or coconut flakes. A cup of hot tea or coffee will be the perfect companion for this holiday breakfast.



If you like crunchy and savory dishes, you may like this one. The delicious potato pancake comes from Israel. This dish is quite simple, and you can also make this at home as your holiday companion. You will need a shredded potato, onions, eggs, and breadcrumbs. Mix all the ingredients and cook it on a pan like a pancake with oil. You can dip it in ranch sauce, ketchup, or mayonnaise.



This one is a classic Christmas dish in Puerto Rico. It is made with grated green banana, yautia, and spices dough filled with cooked ground pork, then wrapped in banana leaves. It is boiled in hot water, and Puertorican usually eats pasteles along with rice, beef, fish, pigeon peas, and hot sauce as their holiday feast.

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