Cattails: The Purr-fect Casual Game to Play


Cattails is an Indie RPG game developed by Falcon Development where you get to play as a cat! Similar to Stardew Valley, you get to explore and build your new home, discover herbs and ancient treasures, find food, and defend your home from dark intruders – except that you’re a cat!



In an open world, you can explore the deep mines or go to the beach to catch birds as your prey. Or, if you’re looking for some excitement you can engage in battle and fight against cat intruders with your cat allies.



Sneak up on prey using your sense of smell to identify which poor animal you’re going to eat! Pounce on mice, birds, and squirrels for an easy target – or put up a fight with nasty snakes and rats that will attack back.


The open world consists of multiple terrains and environments for you to explore, such as “dense forests, murky swamps, rocky highlands, and sandy beaches!”.


Build a special relationship with another cat by giving them gifts they like to marry them! After marrying, you can have a litter of your own and take care of your new kittens.



A new game, Cattails: Wildwood Story set to release in 2023. In Cattails: Wildwood Story you get to lead your cat colony into Wildwood and build your own town for your colony and new cat residents.


In Wildwood, new challenges arise for you to take – with an abundance of resources to harvest along with lurking enemies in the shadows, under the trees. There will also be new cats to meet with unique personalities, but familiar faces will also appear.


Support Cattails: Wildwood Story by donating to their Kickstarter here!

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