Cats- Read and Respect

Of the number of holidays dedicated to our animal friends, there are a few that are dedicated to cats; today is one such day. So…


Happy Respect Your Cat Day!!


Respecting our feline companions takes many different forms, and we are always trying to understand them more. Why not work on our respect and understanding by doing some reading?


How To Be A Cat

How to Be a Cat

Why not try to respect our feline overlords by trying to become them? This book provides a lighthearted acknowledgment of the superiority of our cats as well as an illustrated guide to living our lives as they go.


How To Pet A Cat

How to Pet a Cat

Another way we can respect our cats is through our physical interactions. Use this book to learn how to it right! Using helpful illustrations and diagrams, this book helps you learn the meaning of all those pets, purrs, chirps, and meows.


What Is Your Cat Thinking?

Understand your feline’s thoughts! Containing information that is both humorous and helpful, this book helps you gain insight into your cat’s mind and understand why they do things like knocking everything off the table.


Cats & Lions

Cats & Lions

Another key way of understanding cats is learning more about their links with their wild cousins. Whether it’s in rest, in work, or play, this book helps us understand the uncanny similarities between felines both wild and domestic.


Cooking For Cats Cookbook- The Healthy, Happy Way To Feed Your Cat

Cooking for Cats Cookbook - The Healthy, Happy Way to Feed Your Cat

Respecting our cats includes making sure they eat right. Use this helpful tome to figure out what to put in your larder, what to make from those ingredients, and how and when to feed them to your cats. The book includes craft projects that can aid with post-meal enrichment for your cat as well.


Working From Home With A Cat

Working from Home with a Cat

Respecting our cats includes learning to co-exist with them daily- and that includes cat servants who work from home. Using this day in the life story, we can learn how to deal with cat behaviors that intersect with our workdays- things like cats walking on keyboards, knocking things off our desks, and interrupting video calls.


You Need More Sleep- Advice From Cats

You Need More Sleep

For as long as we have tried to understand them, our cat companions have been trying to understand us; why not give some respect and acknowledge their efforts by listening to them for a change? Learn from their priceless wisdom and discover ways to cope with romance, survive social gatherings, or succeed in a work environment.


How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

Sometimes, respecting our cats involves acknowledging that they can be nefarious. Though an amusing compilation of comics, facts, and guides, this book draws upon the hilarious wisdom of The Oatmeal to teach us how to be aware of when our cats might want to claw our faces.


How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

Finally, respecting our cats can include educating them about the ways of the human world. Use this helpful guide to give your cat life lessons on topics such as firearms, abstinence, drugs, religion, and the internet.

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