Friday, December 3, 2021

“King Richard” and How It May Put Your Fathering Skills to Shame

“King Richard” takes us to the beginnings of tennis excellence – Venus and Serena Williams – while shining on a fatherhood story from which...

Midnight Miracle, When Chappelle, Bey, & Kweli’s Teaming Up.

  Midnight Miracle Podcast by Luminary. The thought-provoking and lengthy discussion of beautiful minds come with their original podcast entitled Midnight Miracle. Brought by Luminary podcast,...

How To Apologize Effectively

  Some people apologize for everything while others can’t afford to utter the words “sorry”. But everyone has and will make mistakes. But it doesn’t...

Heart on Your Sleeves

Being vulnerable and opening up to someone is a crucial part of being human. Being human is all about connecting and empathising with one...

To Split the Bill or Not to Split the Bill?

So you’re out on a first date everything has been going well, you guys got along, and the conversation was lively and exciting! Alas,...

Communication is Key

In any relationship or dating app profile, communication is a very sought-after trait and something that is bound to get mentioned. But why is...

Fun Alcoholic Drinks to Get on a Date

Dates can be very intimidating and nerve-wracking for anyone! While it’s always a good idea to stay sober throughout your date it’s not a...

Some Tips for You Before Going to Rave Concerts

After the problems that arose in Travis Scott’s rave Astroworld, it is a huge wake-up call for a lot of people. With 10 people...

Online Dating: How To Turn That Swipe Left Into A Swipe Right

What arguably may be the biggest problem that coronavirus has caused among young people is loneliness. With lockdowns and social distancing, it’s been a...

TOP 3 Dating Tips You wouldn’t want to miss!!

Are you dating the right person? Finding some who loves you from the core of his heart is rare to find in this cruel world....

Multitasking: Beneficial or Detrimental?

Does multitasking benefit or not? Image source:mishpacha.com   Multitasking – performing several tasks at one time. Multitasking – Divulging into more than 1 thing, doesn’t even let you...

Top 3 Productivity Apps for Students

Here is the best app recommendation for all students to check out and perhaps use: NOTION Notion is a note-taking and project...

How To Use SYNONYMS To Enchance Your Vocabulary

What are synonyms?   A synonym is a word or phrase that has the same or almost the same meaning. Keeping in...

Communication And Comprehension – Difference And Necessity

  Do people often misinterpret you? Ever wondered why? Stick with me so that you master the science behind communicating and comprehending.   Active Listening Active listening is...

Life Lessons You Can Learn From Squid Game

  The world is in love with the Squid Game. During Halloween on October 31, at least we will see one person wearing a Squid...

Help Children Avoid The “Big Sibling Blues” By This Way

  Photo source: cantik.tempo.co.   The presence of a new member of a family is a very pleasant thing. Especially for those who have been waiting for...

How To Get Through Trust Issue In a Relationship

  Do you have trouble trusting your partner? Trust issues can be the effect of traumatic events such as being manipulated and cheated. That traumatic...

The many meanings of LOVE

Words are meant to be defined, but sometimes they are meant to be felt. Words are defined by the senses and determined by the...