Thursday, May 26, 2022

Stock Investing For Beginners

  By reading this article, you must be interested in either investing in stocks, learning the pros and cons of investing or whether or not...
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3 Reasons Behind the Shortage of Baby Formula

  Baby formulas provide nutrition for infants to grow and thrive. A lack of baby formula can create serious health risks. Across America, store shelves...

Musk Wants Twitter

Musk Wants Twitter     Elon Musk wants to privatize Twitter.     Offering $43 billion US dollars for the company, the world’s richest man made this proposal on April...

Three African Countries Excluded From Trade Pact

Last Saturday, the United States announced to removing Ethiopia, Mali and Guinea countries from the US-Africa trade pact. The expenses of these three countries were...
Elizabeth Holmes

Former Theranos CEO Holmes Convicted of Fraud and Conspiracy

The Surprise Verdict: Former CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes (37), was convicted of duping investors into believing her startup company on Monday. Theranos earlier claimed...

Officially raised, cigarette prices are getting more expensive

As of 2022 Indonesian government prepared a surprise for all cigarette lovers. This is because the official price of cigarettes has increased due to...

Student Loan Payments Pause is Extended Through May 1

President Joe Biden is extending the pause on student loan payments through May 1 from January 31. As a result, tens of millions of...

Stock Markets Plummet Amidst Omicron Crisis

As the Omicron crisis continues to escalate, the fear is reflected in the world's stock markets. After the plunge reported in Europe and Asia,...

Canadian Government Stepping into Housing Market to Cool it Down

Among the marching orders to Hussen was to dissuade Canadians from snapping up income properties by reviewing rules around down payments and policies to...

Cost of Living in Canada Stays at 18-Year High

Statistics Canada releases important data on inflation. Statistics Canada released some critical data about inflation on Wednesday says the cost of living stays at an...

Sharp declining of Strategic Petroleum Reserve raises issues for energy security

This week’s energy report surprised a lot of analysts and investors as commercial inventory in US fell sharp by 4.6 million barrels last week....

Fed turned to Hawkish stance to combat rising inflation

Not long ago, the Fed was still using a term “ Transitory Inflation ” to describe of recent  price surging and cost increases for...

Trading Platform Bitmart has been hacked with estimate USD 196 million loss

Image source: cryptoitunes.com A group of hackers reportedly hacked the cryptocurrency online trading site BitMart and stole $196 million worth of assets. The hacking case was first...

Electricity Crisis Eases, Chinese Factory Activities Gradually Improve

Official data released Tuesday (30/11) showed that manufacturing activity in China edged up in November. This increase was supported by an easing of electricity...

Oil Price Continued to Fall Amid Omicron Concerns, OPEC+ Meeting in Focus Starting Wednesday

According to Financial Times, the chief executive officer of Moderna, Stéphane Bancel, issued a warning that the existing vaccine will not be effective against...

Omicron variant: Could be another good reason for OPEC to halt production?

During Black Friday last week, just as people were excited and cheering about holiday travel and retail shopping, a new variant emerged from South...

Gold Price Hikes Amid Concerns Over New COVID Variant

The prices for gold have risen on Friday afternoon's trading due to concerns over the risk of global economic recovery being potentially hit hard...

Lowest World Oil Prices in the Last 2 Months

Reported on Friday (26/11). World oil prices hit their lowest level in two months following the issue of a new variant of the Covid-19...