Friday, December 3, 2021

November Music Picks

November Music Picks With the frost moon having ended, now we have to welcome the cold moon phase, snowflakes, and recap of 2021. Whilst we...

Midnight Miracle, When Chappelle, Bey, & Kweli’s Teaming Up.

  Midnight Miracle Podcast by Luminary. The thought-provoking and lengthy discussion of beautiful minds come with their original podcast entitled Midnight Miracle. Brought by Luminary podcast,...

WATCH: Seventeen Releases Japan Single ‘Power of Love’

SEVENTEEN releases あいのちから (Power of Love).  On November 30, just before we entered December, Seventeen released their special Japanese Single あいのちから (Power of Love). It...

RECAP: GOT7’s Solo Endeavours in 2021

As 2021 was GOT7’s seventh year, it was expected that the group would either renew their contracts in JYP Entertainment or go their separate...

IVE: Starship New Girl Group

Starship Entertainment, home of Monsta X, Cosmic Girls, and Cravity, will debut a new girl group called IVE. The South Korean label established in 2008...

Kep1er Released Concept Photo, Upcoming Reality Show, and Debut Date

Kep1er is a girl group formed through Mnet's 2020 survival show, Girls Planet 999. The group consists of nine members: Chaehyun, Huening Bahiyyih, Yujin, Dayeon, Youngeun,...

Portrayal of Guilt Latest Contribution Into The Void

Portrayal of Guilt's Christf***** The spinning of the wheel of life and uncertainty, through the mode of indefinite suffering, is being painted through Portrayal of...

Dijon ‘Absolutely’

Dijon's 'Absolutely' After series of singles through Soundcloud, and Youtube, the 26 year-old producer, singer-songwriter comes with his own full album Absolutely (2021). The truth...

Arca’s “Prada/Rakata” beyond boundary and binary

Arca’s New Prada/Rakata beyond boundary and binary Arca’s most recent Prada/Rakata is an otherworldly experience that integrates non-binary psychosexual narrative into reggaetón sound. The single and...

Atarashii Gakko!: Sailormoon and Cute Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform

I made a quick glimpse into Atarashii Gakko!’s new release “Free Your Mind” on YouTube and I couldn’t help but wonder, “What is it...

Kanye West covers Adele and goes “Yeezy on Me” at his latest Sunday service

On Sunday, Kanye West orchestrates another Sunday service where the choir drops a gospel spin on Adele’s recent chart-topping single. West switches up the...

Allegedly Lipsync, Aespa’s First Appearance In America Criticized Disappointing

  Photo source: kpopping.com Aespa is attracting a lot of attention as the first K-Pop girl group to perform at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in...

Girls Planet 999 Contestant Kim Suyeon Joins Billlie

  On November 19th, 2021, Mystic Story announced Kim Suyeon would officially join the management's new girl group, Billlie.    Kim Suyeon participated in Mnet's 2020 survival show, Girls Planet 999. In Girls...

Is This Year’s MAMA Lineup… Bad?

Recently, Mnet confirmed the performance lineup for this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards or better known as MAMA.  The artists confirmed to be performing include...

WATCH: GOT7 Reunion In Youngjae’s Fan meeting

GOT7’s Youngjae held his first online solo fan meeting named ‘Colors From ARS’ on November 27 afternoon KST.  During the fan meeting, four of his...

An Australian Reporter Officially Apologized To Adele

  The Australian reporter, Matt Doran, apologized to Adele after he infamously told her he had not listened to her new album 30 while interviewing her...

Leaks Of Kai’s Comeback Song And Upcoming Concert

  Kai EXO will be starting a comeback soon with a mini-album titled "Peaches". The album will be released on November 30, 2021, at 16.00...

List Of 11th Gaon Chart Music Awards Nomination

  Gaon Chart Music Awards, formerly Gaon Chart K-pop Awards, is South Korea's annual major music awards presented by Korean Music Content Association (KMCA). The winners...